Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 1: Praying for Our Sons

Today our instructions are to pray the 10 prayers in the Obedience chapter of the book.  If you don't have the book yet, go here to purchase it.  Here are some ideas of how to accomplish this.
1. Get up early to bathe your sons in prayer first thing in the morning.
2.  Pray the prayers one at a time throughout the day. 
3. Make the prayers a part of your family devotion time, praying the prayers out loud over your sons. 
4. Spend some time in concentrated prayer late at night, around bedtime. 

There is no "wrong" time to pray, so just do it :)

My boys are visiting at their grandparents' house right now, so they are not with me.  I am going to text at least one of the prayers to them today.  Another idea for those of you away from your sons/grandsons right now is to write them a note with the prayer and mail it....daily, weekly, or at the end of our study. 

 I pray for my boys all the time, but I am really enjoying having this directed prayer time.  How is it working for you?  Leave us a comment to let us know you're praying and any specific prayer requests you have.

The book contains study questions at the end of each chapter. I've decided to tackle answering one of those questions here each day.  Would love to have your responses as well!  Today, I'm going to give you my answer to question 3. "Have you ever thought about the importance of raising sons from the perspective of this story? What kind of response does this create in your heart?"  This story is such a reminider for me not to get so busy doing "good things" for God that I neglect the job he gave me first, raising my children.  I believe that we are to serve the body of Christ outside of our homes.  I love working with my local church and some other ministries as well.  But I also know that there no job more important than raising my kids.  The only way to find the balance between the two is to stay connected with God myself and listen to his urgings of when and where to commit my time outside of the home.  "When you say 'yes' to one thing, that means you are saying 'no' to something else."  Just make sure that something else is not your children's needs.......that's NEEDS not WANTS :)

I am praying for you today as you pray for your sons.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!



  1. Amy, I don't see the list of questions(you answered #3) you mentioned in your blog...are you referring to your leader book or the e-book?

  2. ME, the questions are on page 10 of the ebook, and the prayers for today are on page 11.

  3. Just so you know going forward, here are the topics covered each goes along with the ebook: obedience, submission to authority, integrity, avoiding foolishness, pride, purity, servant's heart, honor, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, anger, salvation, heart change, and humility.

  4. Ok, we must be looking at two different books! My page 10 is titled "The Importance of Obedience" and has a story about Brooke teaching her little boy about it. My prayers are on page 12???? I may be a bit dense here, please advise....I may call you to clear this up :-)

  5. I love the question about remembering the first time your child disobeyed. E isn't mobile or able to get into much trouble YET. However, C is a climber. The first time I told him not to stand up on the couch, he looked at me and laughed. He thought it was a great joke to do it anyway. I thought "I am in so much trouble!!" I love that the first topic is obedience. Thanks Amy for the order of the days :-)

  6. Like ME, you guys might have a problem with the book. The author has discovered that some were sent an older version of the book that did not contain the study questions. She is trying to work it out. Brooke was in a wreck this morning though so it might be a few days. In the mean time, just ask here if you have more questions and know that you are not losing your mind!