Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 17:Praying for Our Sons

Today's topic is self-control; the prayers are on page 37.

I really liked what Brooke had to say on this topic and loving God more than loving my sin...........that's what self-control is for me--choosing to love God more.  Here are Brooke's words.
It was a hot summer night, and I sat on my bed in a heaping culmination of all I'd been taught. A moment of rare
heart understanding as I realized that life with Christ was not about what I could or could not do, but about
loving Him more than I loved my sin.
Loving Him more.
Anything that separates me from God is sin and anything good can be made sin if I love it more than I love Him.
And now twelve years later I'm still choosing.
I love Him. I love Him less than
I love Him less than
love Him. I love Him less than
favorite meal.
looking my best. I love Him. I love Him less than yelling at my kids. I love Him.getting even with my husband. I love Him. I love Him less than having a published book. Itime to myself. I love Him. I love Him less than a stomach painfully full of myI love Him. I love Him less than getting my own way.
I love Him.
I love Him less.
Every time I love Him less I love something else more.
But He loves
In the moment of choice this knowing of His steadfast, never-ending love is what gives me strength. This
knowing of His great sacrifice for me … and for you. This knowing of the lengths He would go to love me more.
More than I deserve.
More than I can comprehend.
More than the power of Hell can stand against.
me. He loves me always.
Be blessed,

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