Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 5:Praying for Our Sons

Today's topic is pride.  The prayers are found on page 23.  Are you guys still hanging in there?  Haven't heard from you in a few days.  Today's post is short and sweet because I am spending time with my family.  This quote from the leader's guide struck me this morning...."Praying for God to shape their hearts, trusting the master Potter He is, has allowed me to relinquish control of the outcome and cherish my role in the process of learning who they will become.  As they grow, up and away – as is God’s plan – my heart’s cry to Him is that they will lead lives pleasing to their Creator {and that they will visit their mama frequently}." 

Have a great SONday!



  1. I'm still here! Hope you had a great Sonday!

  2. I am here, too. Thanks for leading and encouraging.