Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2: Praying for Our Sons

Today's prayers are found on page 16 of the ebook under the title "Submission to Authority".  How are you choosing to pray.......all at one time, throughout the day, by yourself, aloud over your sons, or some other way?  Do you enjoy praying the scriptures for your children?  Does it make you uncomfortable?  Personally, I love to pray the scriptures; they are God's words and promises for us.  But I do know some that are very uncomfortable with the idea of inserting a human name into scripture.  If that is you, please don't let it stop you from praying, just make the prayer something more in your own words.  Like this........Instead of praying, "May Johnny submit himself therefore to God. May he resist the devil, so he will  flee from him. (James 4:7)"  pray something along these lines.  "God, help Johnny to submit himself to you and your ways.  When he is tempted, help him to resist. By Your power, send the devil running away from Johnny."

Today and in the days to come, when you see your son submitting to authority (even if it's something small), praise him for it and let him know that you are proud of his wise choice.  Our words as mother's are more powerful than we realize.  Let's make a conscious effort to build our sons up when they make a good choice.  By learning to submit to authority figures here on earth, they are learning how to submit to the Father.  The word submit has a negative connotation for most people, but by our praise we can show our children the joy that comes with submission.

I'm praying that God will give you opportunities to praise your children for wise choices.  I'm also praying that you don't miss them :)  Or maybe it's just me that might have that problem........


If you don't have study questions in your book, let me know by sending an email to with the subject "warrior prayer ebook".  I have a solution for you thanks to the author of the book.

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  1. I enjoy praying the scriptures. I often find the perfect words in His Word when my own fall short. I'm spending time each morning before the hectic day begins going over each verse and praying it. Then, throughout the day, I pray each one. I've been praying quietly, but today, I'm going to pick a couple to pray outloud with the boys. These two sets of prayers have been especially timely for me. N has been having a hard time with respect and obedience. I don't think it is so much willful disobedience as it is him trying to voice his opinion. Now that he is almost 10, I think he is trying to figure out his "place" in this world. And his opinion of it. Many times his comments have value, but not in the tone or the content in which he uses them. I think the scriptures about submitting to authorty because God has instituted all authrity will help N. Have a happy day, everyone!