Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 13:Praying for Our Sons

Today's topic is kindness.  The prayers are on page 33.

First a word from Brooke, "Remember, kindness is not something that comes naturally. We're selfish, sinful beings who mostly want our own way. No, kindness is a learned art, usually caught by experiencing it first hand from the hands of the people closest to us."  I believe that too and my words wouldn't have been better than hers.

Here's what I've experienced with can change a person's world.  I am not always kind.  It's not that I mean to be unkind, it's just that I'm as selfish and self-focused as anyone else on the planet.  There are excuses like 'there's a lot going on in my life right now'.  But that's all they are, excuses.  I am haunted by one particular chance to be kind that I missed.  I was at the grocery store just after my daughter's diagnosis with leukemia (did I mention the excuse of there's a lot going on in my life right now?).  My mom was waiting in the car with D so that she wouldn't be exposed to the germs at the grocery store.  Apparently on my way to the car I walked right past an elderly woman that was struggling with her cart or bags.  I didn't even see her.  My mom casually mentioned it when I got back in the car.  I missed Jesus that day when I missed the opportunity to show kindness.  It's stuck with me......I make it a point now as I go through the days of being kind to a stranger every day.  The opportunities are everywhere!  One of my favorites is that I simply shared a kind word with the lady in the parking garage booth at the hospital one day.  She cried just because I was kind to her, saying she'd had a really bad day and thank you for your kindness.  That's also stuck with me.  I want to show my children kindness and how to be kind to others as well.  I don't want them to miss Jesus!

Praying for you all daily!


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