Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3: Praying for Our Sons

Today's topic is integrity.   Integrity, how you choose to act and react when no one is watching; at least that what my granddad always told me :)  The prayers are found on page 19 of the book.  There are many ways to teach about integrity, but I believe the best is by example.  I don't know about you, but my boys are always watching me and everything I do.  What do you do when you get a bill at a restaurant and an item that you have consumed is not listed?  Do you bring it to the attention of the server or do you just go on without paying for it?  Your kids are watching.  Your choice over a few dollars can have a great impact on how they see the world and how to make their own choices.  I bring this up because it happened to us last night.  Could we have walked away without paying $2 for a drink that I know cost the place only pennies?  Sure we could.  Would God have been pleased?  I don't think so.  Would my daughter have learned that the right choice is the right choice whether someone knows or not?  I don't think so.  When she asked why we didn't want to just "get it for free because it's their fault anyway" I would not have had the opportunity to show her the way God would have us act. 

Here's the a study question from the page before the prayers: 1. At the beginning of this chapter, Brooke shares a story of her experience with mothers of girls.  Can you relate to the differences between boys and girls that she describes? 

Honestly, I'm having a difficult time grasping her point on this.  My little "princess" is as much or more of a handful than my boys and has always been :)  I totally agree that raising girls and boys is different, but I don't think it's as different as  Brooke seems to experience.  I firmly believe that the roles of men and women designed by God are different.  What about those of you with boys and girls in your mix; what do you think?  Have you experienced this difference?  I know a lot have, but I have a little girl who will turn a cartwheel in a dress and come up shooting you with a nerf gun.  She just doesn't fit the "little girl" mode much of the time.  I have yet to read anything in this book that doesn't equally apply to my daughter. 

And a note about the book.....I haven't read the entire thing (gasp!).  I'm reading as I go.  I don't expect to agree with everything Brooke has to say.  Does that mean I don't find some of or maybe even most of it to have value?  NO.  There are apparently some (not in this group that I've heard) who are having a problem with some of the things in the book.  It's perfectly acceptable to disagree.  It's not acceptable here to bash anyone, including Brooke.  I like having this as a starting point in directed prayer for my children.  If I come to a point that I don't agree with what is written, I won't pray it.  I don't blindly repeat things in church either, even when they put them on the big screen and say "repeat after me". I follow God and try to obey Him.  The rest of the world just has to deal with it.  That's how I roll :)  Does that make sense?  I am thankful to be here in this group at this time with each of you.  I believe that this is where God wants me right now.  Read what I wrote here at the beginning of this adventure.  I'm not perfect, but I am forgiven.  Feel free to disagree with me too!

Have a blessed day!  You, ladies, are in my prayers.

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